This project started in 2009 as an innovative course on chamber music aimed at children learning to play the guitar and soon became a successful festival that included teenagers as well. Due to its excellent international level, this event now crosses European borders and is a milestone in the Saarland cultural calendar.


The aim of this seminar is to allow children between the ages of 8 and 12 and teenagers aged 13 to 16 to become members of small or big guitar ensembles, given the fact that anyone who is learning to play this instrument usually plays solo, either at home or at guitar lessons. It has been proven that the participants are able to rehearse with joy for long hours and that they are impressed by the results of group playing –undoubtedly less demanding than solo practice. This motivates them and they are eager to continue playing and studying during the seminar and long after it is over.


During the Easter holidays the participants meet at the Jugendherberge at the foot of the Schaumberg Mountain in Tholey (Saarland, Germany) for four days. The Center is located at a premium site, surrounded by nature and therefore absolutely peaceful and free from danger. All activities take place there and participants are hosted in double rooms with private bathrooms and full board. The repertoire consists of works chosen at the International Composing Contest. After registration, a folder with the music scores to be studied before the course is mailed to all participants.


Apart from the chamber music lessons, participants are offered an interesting and varied cultural and entertainment program that is age‐appropriate. Guitar‐makers explain how they work in their workshops, A‐List guitarists play and comment on their performance and art and rhythm workshops are included in the educational program. Games and sports activities are also available, since they are considered very important as they provide relaxation between duties in addition to fostering group harmony.


More information about the next Festival [here].

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